The 41st National Stereoscopic Association Convention

July 21-27, 2015
Snowbird Ski & Summer Resort
Snowbird, UT


Sponsored by NVIDIA

Attention all digital 3D photographers:

You are invited to enter the 2015 NVIDIA 3D Digital Portfolio Showcase, a competition which will be presented at the NSA Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah. We are looking for the best overall portfolios of stereoscopic 3D images. Each entrant can submit a portfolio of up to six digital images. The emphasis will be on be on the strength and consistency of the group of photographs.

All entries will be shown at the stereo theater as well as in one of the hotel common areas on a TV. The Grand Prize winner will receive $100 cash. The Second Place winner will receive $50 cash. In addition winning images will be posted on NVIDIA's 3D web site, Detailed conditions of entry are given below.

Here are the contest specifics:

1. Each entrant may submit portfolio of up to six images. Images should be the artist's original work, and may be photographs or computer generated imagery. Only images which have not been entered in a previous 3D Imaging Showcase are permitted. No sexually explicit images will be accepted. Photographers will be chosen based on the collective strength of the six image portfolio as well as the merits of individual images.

2. Images should be formatted as parallel, side-by-side pairs. Any aspect ratio and pixel dimensions are acceptable; the images will be displayed with projectors and TVs having a resolution of 1920x1080.

3. Please use the following filename convention for your images: Last Name, FirstInitial, - Image Number (1 through 6) - Title For example: PeartN-01-Title.JPG Spaces, rather than underscores should be used between words in the title.

4. E-mail your entries to: Each e-mail can include attachments up to a total of 25 MB in size. Please try to size your entries so that they can fit in a single e-mail.

5. Submission deadline is June 20, 2015.

6. There is no fee to enter.

We look forward to seeing your images. If you have any questions, please e-mail me at

Christopher Schneberger 2015 Digital Image Showcase Chairman

Conditions of Entry:
By submitting images, individuals agree to the following terms:

1. You agree to let the NSA, NVIDIA and our website host Phereo publish your 3D Digital Image Showcase contest images in a special NSA contest album on the website.

2. You acknowledge the risk of having the lower-quality screen-resolution version of images exposed to visitors on

3. You agree with the Terms of Service, Copyright/IP Policy, Legal Information and Privacy Policy of the website.

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