The 43rd National Stereoscopic Association Convention

2017 3D-Con & ISU Congress

August 8-14, 2017 • Hotel Irvine Jamboree Center • Irvine, CA


Image competitions are a long-time tradition of the annual NSA conventions. Receiving an award and recognition at NSA has been considered a highly regarded achievement that adds stature to an artist's resume. This year, due to generous contributions from leaders in the burgeoning 3D industry, the 3d con 2017 awards committee is able to grant significant prizes for some competitions.

There are five categories of image competitions at 3D-Con 2017:

  • 3D Exhibit Competition: Our long-established modern and vintage card competition. Entry Form:  . Please note: Anaglyphs, phantograms and any other non-card images now belong in the Art Gallery.
  • On-Site Image Competition: Images taken in the region, during the convention.
    Entry from:  
  • Nvidia 3D Digital Image Showcase: A digital image competition open to all.
    Entry from:  
  • Stereo Theater Competition: Our long-established stereo theatre competition.
  • SSA Card Competition: The SSA sponsors a separate stereocard competition with PSA Star recognition. Entry Form:  
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