The National Stereoscopic Association presents its
37th NSA Convention
July 12th-18th, 2011   •   Loveland, Colorado

The 37th NSA CONVENTION in Loveland, CO

Welcome to the official website for the National Stereoscopic Association's 37th annual convention to be held July 12-18, 2011, in Loveland, Colorado.

Come immerse yourself in some spectacular 3D over seven action-packed days! This is the place to find cutting-edge stereo theatre, informative workshops, a stereoscopic art exhibition, image competitions, room hopping, a 3D auction, a large trade fair and a technical exhibit of new equipment and displays. Enjoy excursions to unique attractions near Loveland, and explore the Colorado Rockies during a time of perfect weather at the peak of the beautiful mountain-wildflower season.

New bus added to Charles Phoenix excursion!! The Sunday night excursion sold out early, so we've added another bus and opened registrations up again. Come back online to sign up for it.

New competition added!! The 3D Digital Image Showcase, sponsored by NVIDIA, is a new addition for the 2011 NSA Convention. Every NSA member can enter the competition whether they are registered for the conference or not. This is a great opportunity to showcase your never seen before images at the convention and on the Internet. Learn more at the 3D Digital Image Showcase page.

New Stereo Theatre Awards!! There will be actual prizes awarded to the 6 winners of our traditional Stereo Theatre. Read more about the Stereo Theatre on the Stereo Theatre page.

Special speaker added!! Rob Engle, Sony Pictures, will speak to us Friday night in the theatre. Ever since supervising the 3D adaptation of Robert Zemeckis' THE POLAR EXPRESS in 2004, Rob Engle has been a leader in the field of 3D filmmaking. With numerous 3D projects under his belt as varied as BEOWULF, CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS, G-FORCE and KENNY CHESNEY: SUMMER IN 3D, Rob has a broad experience in stereo photography, conversion and CG features. His latest 3D projects include THE GREEN HORNET, PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: ON STRANGER TIDES, and THE SMURFS and he is in production on THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN. Rob serves on the Board of Directors of the Visual Effects Society, the Board of Governors of the International 3D Society and has been recipient of two I3DS Lumiere Awards.

New event added!! Enjoy a live entertainment performance of Charles Phoenix & the Third Dimension! This unique, retro 3D show is sponsored by FujiFilm. To get a taste of the fun Charles is bringing to NSA, go to

AND, every person who registers for the full conference will be entered into a drawing to win a FREE FujiFilm Real3D W3 camera! This will be just one of the many cameras that FujiFilm will be giving away during the conference.

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Many thanks to John Hart for the convention logo design.

All images by John Hart unless otherwise noted.

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