New Concept for NSA, Going Virtual

We are excited to go virtual with 3d-Con 2020. Please submit your proposals for Workshops and 3D Theater to the appropriate people (see the tabs on the left). The dates of this event will be August 13-16. We will announce the platforms we will be using soon. All the workshops and theater shows will be recorded so you will be able to watch at your convenience, in your time zone. Some segments that require questions and responses will have a specific time. We are asking you to register so we can send you anaglyph and polarized glasses to view the workshops, theater shows and the conference within a conference. In your packet you will also receive a beautiful Image 3D reel created by members of the PSSCC, along with codes and information to attend the zoom and YouTube sessions. We plan to have an awards ceremony also. Please be patient with us as we discover the best ways to make this new endeavor work for all of us, and watch for more information on this site. Keep making great images to share! We look forward to seeing you in a Zoom happy hour during the event and leading up to it!

Phyllis and Greg

We would like this convention to be one of the best attended in many years, so please register yourself and remind all your friends about 3D-Con and tell them to come to the convention website and either register online or via mail/email. Even if they are registering for free! We really need to have everyone register so our software is set up to handle all who wish to participate in the various events.

NSA 2020 Virtual Convention Schedule:

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American Paper Optics supplier of commemorative paper 3D glasses.

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